Title Type Time Presenter
If Microagressions Happened to White People MTV Decoded 2.5 min Franchesca Ramsey
MTV Decoded Youtube Series 5 min Franchesca Ramsey
What Is White Privilege Youtube 12 min Tim Wise
How I learned to stop worrying and love discussing race TEDx talk 12 min Jay Smooth
Several interviews with Carolyn Finney, author of ‘Black Faces, White Spaces” Video 15 min Interviews with Carolyn Finney
Creating a New Narrative of People and Nature | Rue Mapp | TEDxYosemite TEDx talk 17 min Rue Mapp
Both/And/All Bioneers Video 20 min Rinku Sen
Intelluctual Ecology Bioneers Video 20 min John Warner
The Green Book Podcast 30 min 99% invisible
Putting the Collective in Collective Impact Webinar 55 min Paul Schmitz
On Being interview with Grace Lee Boggs Podcast 60 min Krista Tippett interviewing Grace Lee Boggs
An American Ascent Documentary 60 min  James Mills et al
Storytelling and Meaning-Making Webinar 60 min Laura P Minero
The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross PBS Series 61 min Henry Louis Gates, Jr
Toward Just Sustainabilities Keynote Lecture (youtube) 81 min Julian Agyeman

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