• Listen to this spotify playlist
  • Do a team building equity and diversity ice breaker
  • Take a course or workshop. The network of people you discover may point you to a class, or finding a class first may point you to a network.
  • Think about our actions – 29 Harmful Things White People Do and What We Can Do Instead
  • Prepare yourself to interrupt racial jokes.
  • Organize a film night or book group with family, friends, colleagues, or neighbors to learn and discuss together the dynamics and realities of privilege and power.
  • Attend an event in your area where issues of power and privilege are being addressed. Universities and bookstores often host speakers who draw the network you’ll want to plug into to keep engaged and motivated.
  • Check out the archives of the 21 Day EE Challenge
  • Host a potluck and share your food AND knowledge with friends
  • Go to a networking event with a group you don’t know yet. We won’t be part of diverse organizations if we don’t have diverse networks.
  • Practice silence and reflection through meditation or deep breathing
  • Take the Implicit Bias Test
  • Understand your bias
    Step 1- List ten negative biases you have.
    Step 2- Create an evidence list to negate those biases.
    Step 3- Consider discussing with a friend
  • Spend some time observing meetings (or classes) and conversations during your day. Whose voices are loudest? Who tends to shape the agenda?

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