21 Day EE Challenge

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There are a lot people working hard to protect the environment. But for who? When it comes to incorporating equity – we all have work to do – individually and collectively. This challenge is designed to help you on your journey to being not only an environmental sustainability champion but an equity champion, too.

Over the next 21 days we are going to collectively build our awareness, our understanding, and our capacity for action. Every day we’ll send you a reminder with some tips and suggestions to help you along the way.

In community,
Sustain Dane

p.s. This work is hard, thanks for joining us

Your goal is to do one thing each day and record it.

Step 1: Do something! You can READ, ACT, CONNECT, ENGAGE, or WATCH. Take our suggestions or even better, choose your own adventure.
Step 2: Keep track to keep motivated. Use the tools on the website to record your accomplishments. Start a journal.

Connect with us online #21dayee

Why this matters?

Unfortunately, injustice is everywhere. We think we should do something about it. Enter the “21 Day Eco Equity Challenge”. The Challenge is a glimmer of hope. But not all journeys are easy. At times this will feel hard, sad or uncomfortable – lean into it. Dig deep – and keep at it. It’s not about your “one black friend” or “inviting more people of color to your workshop” – it’s about the everyday actions – in the things we do and say – in our work and in our lives that stand up against bigotry, racism, and discrimination. We think big change happens when you make it part of your every day – in other words, when it becomes a habit. 21 days is a good start. We don’t think equity work is easy, and we know it won’t happen overnight. In fact we think it is a life-long commitment.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Why Equity in the Environment?

The environmental and justice movements are inextricably linked, although this link is often largely ignored. We hope this can build off of the incredible work already happening to better align movements of justice and the environment. We believe that sustainability is only meaningful if it is sustainable for all.


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